Player registered: September 25, 2022

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VR is a big part of my life now and as a person with a lot of competitive history, I think it's time I join a team. Hi my name is Nic 21 Y/o (A.K.A dIRTYbONG) and I'm looking to find an NA team to grow and show value too competitively. My value to a team is just as rewarding and valuable as my dedication. I've been on many teams in the past with many of them failing. Coaches either don't care or are selfless, team founders are either never around or hard to contact the list goes on. I'm looking to find a team to grow with, find a team to be a part of longer than a year or 2, to consistently learn with. Much of my experience comes from Valorant (1.5k Hours), CSGO (1250 Hours), SteamVR(700 Hours), Overwatch(300 Hours), and Apex(200 Hours). My team is divided into a lot of games but my experience doesn't even end there; I have experience with College Esports teams joining tourneys and scrims every week. I have experience as a captain bringing people together and making everyone comfortable, I have experience with hundreds of scrims and hundreds in tournaments. Feel free to contact me with any information I'm always willing to discuss.