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You can call me Dino, I've been a VR enthusiast since 2016 and I have loved VR ever since ! to have the opportunity to compete in a VR tournament like this would feel like one of those dreams you have as a kid that you know won't come true, but then it actually does, I would consider myself skilled, not the best but definitely skilled, most things dextrally have always came naturally to me and VR was not much of an exception (It only took a month or so for expert+ to be the regular for me on beat saber when I bought it all those years ago). I would love to compete, I've yet to receive a copy of vail but I hope to before the competition starts ! I'm very motivated to compete because I feel this is a major point in history for VR as a whole and wouldn't want to miss it for the word, (and the potential money is a nice bonus to lol). *PS idk why but I can't check the boxes for it but I would like to be on the open recruiting list for teams, and i would like to be on the mailing list for events and such. thank you for your time ! -Dino