vail VR E-Sports Tournament.


  • What is the IVRL (International Virtual Reality League)?

    The IVRL is a Virtual Reality Competitive League. We started as a group of long term competitive players and VR Veterans, mostly coming from Onward VR. We formed the IVRL so we could push VR eSports forward and host leagues, tournament events and more. Now we are working with Aexlab to put on Season 1 of VAIL!

  • How can I sign up?

    Create an account on ivrl.gg, join the discord server, and look for teams on in the server and on the website team page.

  • How can I try to get involved or volunteer with IVRL?

    Create a ticket on the discord server to get connected with the IVRL Officials. There are also official announcements when additional help is needed.

  • How old do players need to be in order to compete?

    Players must be 13 years or older. Captains of teams must be 16 years or older. Please note that some countries may have additional restrictions on age or participation, it is expected that all IVRL members are to comply with the regulations specific to their country on these matters.


  • What is the format for Season 1?

    Season 1 will consist of 12 weeks with one matchup per week. Teams will be ranked via SRS. This ranking will determine the teams that play in the finals.

  • Will there be seeding for Season 1?

    No, all teams will start with the same SRS on Week 1.

  • Is the season cross-regional.

    The 12 week season is not cross-regional. Teams will register for a region and only match against other teams in that region. Finals matches will contain of cross-region matches.

  • Are players region-locked for the season?

    Yes, teams can roster a maximum of 2 players from outside of their region.

  • How many people can be rostered on a team? Is there a minimum number?

    There can be up to 8 players rostered on a team. A minimum of 5 players is required to become active and play in matches.

  • Will reservists be allowed?

    No reservists will be allowed for this season. Team sizes are 8 player rosters allowing for subs.

  • What is SRS?

    SRS is the Seasonal Ranking System which is calculated based on teams performance each week. It’s an ELO style score system that rewards teams for winning, marging of victory, and strength of opponent. Teams can also receive quarterly performance bonuses. You can read further on the season format page.


  • When are the season finals?

    Post season finals will in May. The 3 weeks after the final week of the regular season.

  • What is the post season format?

    The post season format details are in progress and will be provided in advance. The outcome is to identify the top 4 teams to head to the next VAIL Major in October.

  • Are the post season finals cross-regional?

    Yes, post season matches will contain cross-region matches.

  • Are rosters locked for the post season?

    Yes, rosters will lock on April 3rd remain in place until the end of the post season finals. Rosters cannot change and new teams cannot register after that date.


  • What is the match format for the standard matches?

    Each match will consist of 3 maps: Suna, Khidi, and Maar. Game mode is artifact and first to 11 points wins the map. For map 1, Home teams must play as Reyab and Away teams must play as Colonist. The side alternates for the next maps.

    Rounds are 2 minutes long and a timer will count for 40 seconds when the artifact scan is in progress. Teams have until the end of the timer to eliminate all players on the enemy and/or disable the scanner.

  • How do I scan the artifact?

    At the start of the round the Colonists are presented a pedestal with one "puck/scanner" to use. One colonist team member must take the scanner and place in on their chest

    The colonist take the scanner to an artifact, turn it so the points are facing upwards, then with the other hand drag the main dot to connect with the other dots as they highlight to start the scan. Touching the wrong dot will cause the scan to fail.


  • How do I interrupt the scan?

    You grab the puck around the artifact and pull trigger, this will show a bar that will slowly fill up. This will stop the scan. It takes 7 seconds.


  • Do teams create lobbies for the matches?

    No, the league will generate lobbies for each match and provide the details to each team. See more on the season format page.

  • What happens if a lobby crashes?

    Teams will be able to restart their server from the IVRL website. Open a ticket and tag a referee to correct the map scores after the re-start.

  • How are scores entered for the match?

    Scores will be automatically registered on the site from the game server. Teams are responsible for validating the results are correct after they are registered. Create a ticket if there are any issues.

  • Do teams need to be in a Discord Voice channel?

    Yes, teams must be in a match voice channel in the official VAIL Pro League Discord.


  • When can teams schedule their matches?

    Matches can only be scheduled during timeslots allowed by IVRL. These timeslots are only available for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.

  • How do teams schedule match?

    When matches are generated, it will display the availability of both teams on the website. One team can select a common time and the other team must confirm before it is scheduled.

  • Is there a cutoff for scheduling matches?

    Yes, all matches must be scheduled by Wednesday Night.

  • How do teams enter availability?

    Teams can enter their availability for the following week by going to "EDIT SCHEDULE" on the team page. The cut-off for entering availability is Midnight on Sunday in your relative time zone.

  • What does the default timeslot mean for match scheduling?

    Saturday at 9PM will be the default match time for each respective region's time zone. This time will be used to settle scheduling disputes. We suggest all teams keep this time open on their schedule.

  • What are broadcast slots and why are they important?

    Broadcast slots are pre-planned cast times each week. Teams must schedule 2 matches every month in a broadcast slot to be available for casting. Failure to do so will result in a penalty.

  • Can teams agree to play at a time that is not listed in the schedule?

    No, teams must play during a timeslot listed by IVRL.

  • Are matches able to be postponed during the season?

    No, teams are not allowed to postpone matches. Availability for the default time slot will determine the result of scheduling disputes.

  • Can teams go inactive?

    Yes, teams can go inactive similar to entering availability for the week. Inactivity results in SRS point penalties.


  • Is there a recording mandate for IVRL matches?

    Yes, all players must record their POV, microphone, and game audio.

  • How long do recordings need to be saved?

    Recordings must be available upon IVRL Officials' request for up to 4 weeks.

  • What can I do if recording is causing performance issues while playing?

    IVRL has developed an OBS profile that has been optimized to minimize the impact of recording on performance. It can be found on the Recording Mandate page